Three Reasons Why Aamir Khan’s Blog Sucks?

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Well, before writing on the problems with Amir Khan’s blog I would like to clarify that I like Aamir Khan and this liking goes beyond his films, I like his stand on the topics before India and Humanity, I like his choice of subjects and I like his presentation skills to present serious problems in commercial manner.

Having said that Today I decide to read the Aamir Khan’s blog. I start by searching Google for the correct URL. I got my first surprised on that page only. I am going to list some of the problems (Practical and Technical) which Aamir Khan’s blog is having and he should discussed and solve these issues with his IT team.

  • No Meta Information
  • does not have any meta information. Meta information is the information which provides description and keywords to search engines. This is crucial information for search engine to identify the website theme and list that accordingly.
    Although it is not compulsory on normal websites but it is vital on the webpages where only images are being display without any textual content.’s first page (homepage) does not any textual content so it was necessary to put some textual information to search engine to list that accordingly. This information is not on the website that’s why Google only has 6 words description about the website.

  • Frameset Usage
  • This was really surprising for me, is using the HTML tags and methods which are outdated and has lots of usage problems. No content is directly visible to anyone on, except three pages, home,chat and blog.

    That why such a popular actor’s website only has three pages in Google indexes

  • No BookMark
  • If you like any page of Aamir’s blog, you can not bookmark that correctly, moreover you can not send the link to that page to anyone, in result you can not share any blog post of Aamir’s blog with anyone.

    These are very very basic mistakes which Aamir’s IT team has done. I did not explore other things and aspects because I think that after doing such crucial mistakes IT team don’t deserve my time.

    In last I would like to say that content is really good as we got something official from Aamir Khan.

    Mumbai Terrorist Attack : Please Dont Play the Politics

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    Please do not play the politics with Mumbai Terrorist Attacks.

    Terrorists are not Human, They are just just not Human… they can be anything but not human…

    Please don’t play the politics, in times of need we need to rise above our normal differences.

    We can talk, we can discuss and we can analyze these things later, right now just do NOT play the politics.

    Mumbai Terrorist attacks are not good for humanity and only good for NOTHING.

    Why PAPPU Can’t Vote?

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    If PAPPU Can’t stand in the que for films,
    How PAPPU can stand in the que for voting?
    If PAPPU can do financial Transaction using PHONE,

    Why PAPPU can’t vote using PHONE?

    Come Tell the election commission that Pappu will VOTE By PHONE.

    Visit and register your support

    Skype server is down?

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    It seems that skype is server is down. it seems interesting and unbelievable but it is with some of my friends also.

    Can anybody confirm on the other side of world why skype is down or is it just our local problem?

    PHP Education and Training Tutor in Delhi NCR

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