New CMS Plan

I have started work on a new project which is aiming to be a good CMS based on Zend Framework, for more details visit Zend CMS

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Satyam Computer Scam Fraud Reality: Some Unusual Questions to Mr. Ramalinga Raju

Before writing on Satyam Computer’s So called fraud or scam, I would like mention that once I was a devoted investor (Or you can say trader) of Satyam Computer and I am watching this company since last nine years. After Today’s Fraud News, I got some questions in my mind which I think Mr. Ramalinga […]

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Why PAPPU Can’t Vote?

If PAPPU Can’t stand in the que for films, How PAPPU can stand in the que for voting? If PAPPU can do financial Transaction using PHONE, Why PAPPU can’t vote using PHONE? Come Tell the election commission that Pappu will VOTE By PHONE. Visit and register your support

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Being at 30 : Now What?

When I was a kid, I always think about being young, so I can do whatever I want to do…. I remember during my school days, (specially in my XI class), I always tried to look more younger and older so people can believe that the work I am doing is really mine. Whenever I […]

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Three quotes I normally use in my personal life

These are three quotes which I use in my day to day communication with my friends and the people with whom I interacts. First : Never hire a professor to teach nursery class. First he/she will not be able to do it professionally and properly; second, you may be over-budget and subsequently may be forced […]

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