How to identify a good restaurant?

Before going into details to identify the good restaurants, we should fix the definition of good restaurant.. Good is a subjective things and its definition may differ from one person to other person and even timings and situation can change the definition of good or bad restaurant. For Example, a couple looking for some good […]

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Mail Service Management in PHP : Corporate Fulfillment Systems and Direct Mail Services

Email is on top of the list of internet users, almost every internet user use internet everyday. Email is so big market that Google (Gmail), Yahoo, MSN and fighting to get pie of users. Applications which provide assistance in managing email services are in the demand. PHP language is also being used to create such […]

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How to create a file upload progress bar in any version of PHP?

I have written an article on file upload progress bar in PHP which is available at How to create a file upload progress bar in any version of PHP? Please read and review that.

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Friends Helpline : Friend Available for Friends help

I have started a helpline for the programmers, if you are facing any kind of problem in your php application, Please write an email to me at zareef @ I will try to do my best to solve your problem, Please be specific in your problem, I can not help you in very general […]

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