Why I choose to be a PHP Developer?

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Many people have asked me this question, why I have select PHP as my primary programming language?

I am not sure what is the definition of a primary language. Is it your first language you learned or the language in which you are doing your most of your work? PHP was not my first language in which I have done programming. That place goes to Qwbasic and Batch files in MS-DOS.

It was not even my first web programming language, that place goes to Java, which I used to create applets on my web pages. It was not even my third language. That place goes to ASP (or VBScript and Jscript to be precise). Then How PHP become so prominent in my programming career that even after doing so much work in other languages I have been branded as a PHP programmer only. (To make it clear, I feel proud about it)

One reason which I can relate is my passion and constant advocacy for PHP in my conversations about programming languages. Most of the time, I worked in other programming languages because I was compelled to work in them. For example, I do Objective C because I was not having any other option to do native application on iPhone. I did C# because client was insisting on .Net for one of portion of application. I was also compelled to use C# for my windows mobile application. I was forced to learn Python because assignments given in an online course were in Python only. I learned R language for the same reasons. I do learn ruby because client was insisting on ruby on rails framework. I learned Perl because system administration software which we were using was in Perl and we needed to do some modification in that. Java was one of other languages which I did with my choice. Nobody has forced me to do work in Java.

But whenever it was PHP, I was at home. It gives me a sense of belonging.

I tried to enlist reasons for my comfort zone in PHP, List was something like this :-

1. When I start PHP, It was cheap for me, company where I did hosting of my site was charging a hefty amount for my first choice Oracle. I found that price was four times cheaper for Mysql . So I choose Mysql and PHP comes as a natural choice with Mysql. PHPMyAdmin was my first php application which I have used.

2. Many people were not aware of PHP when I started it and It gave a sense of proud in doing a thing which nobody knows.

3. Many programmers which were doing programming in other languages often criticize PHP (although they did not know anything about PHP), I was kind of determined to prove them wrong by writing good code in PHP.

4. I found Smarty, Pear and some other frameworks to be quite useful and they were easy to deploy.

5. Once you have been categorized, people tends to give you work according to your category only. Too many projects resulted in good domain expertise which helped me to do applications in better ways. Success of those projects again consolidated my categorization.

In last I would like to mention that initially it was not planned but later I was kind of determined to prove that good programs can be written in PHP.

It is not programming language BUT programming concepts and algorithms which are most important in making of a better programmer.

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