PHP Education and Training Tutor in Delhi NCR

As PHP is gaining the ground in India, numbers of initial level jobs are also increasing day by day. Almost every day I got questions from new comers how they can learn PHP? Which training institute is providing the training in PHP? Please read about my plan to organize a training camp for PHP in […]

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Being at 30 : Now What?

When I was a kid, I always think about being young, so I can do whatever I want to do…. I remember during my school days, (specially in my XI class), I always tried to look more younger and older so people can believe that the work I am doing is really mine. Whenever I […]

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Professionally I am a programmer and do full time programming, I have moved my programming related stuff to my other homepage Zareef Ahmed , there you will find information about my work and some other things. If you want to contact me , you can visit my contact us page