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Again, I am writing this post to inform the visitors of my site that I have moved my old homepage to This website currently only have some my routine posts. To  know more about me or contact me Please visit PHP Developer India

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Blood Donor Needed : B or O Negative

A child desperately needs B Negative or O Negative blood Group. If anybody have this blood group or know someone, Please help this child. You can call  Zareef Ahmed at 9910074112 in Delhi. Please forward this message to your friends.

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Mail Service Management in PHP : Corporate Fulfillment Systems and Direct Mail Services

Email is on top of the list of internet users, almost every internet user use internet everyday. Email is so big market that Google (Gmail), Yahoo, MSN and fighting to get pie of users. Applications which provide assistance in managing email services are in the demand. PHP language is also being used to create such […]

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How to create a file upload progress bar in any version of PHP?

In this article I am going to write my experience with a work in which I was supposed to do file upload progress bar. First of all I consider using

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Contact Me

If you want to contact me please visit my contact form available at my other homepage, Click here to contact me

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Professionally I am a programmer and do full time programming, I have moved my programming related stuff to my other homepage Zareef Ahmed , there you will find information about my work and some other things. If you want to contact me , you can visit my contact us page