Ashoka Hotel : The best hotel in Delhi? Reviews Invited

Hi, My same friend who was compiling restaurants list now want some information about Ashoka Hotel in delhi, He need reviews from actual clients, Can you give something? For uninitiated Ashoka hotel is one of the known to be best hotel in delhi, and most foreigners prefer ashoka hotel over other hotels in Delhi.

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Best Restaurants in Delhi : Restaurants for hangouts

Do you know good restaurants in Delhi? One of my friend is compiling the list of restaurants in Delhi for his guest who are coming from US to meet him. Can you suggest any one? Restaurant can be in any part of Delhi… Please post your message… I will be happy to help my friend […]

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Mumbai : City of Dreams and Sensex

I was not writing on this homepage since last two years. I have developed one other homepage, and was writing on that page only. Just two days ago I decide to write on this page again. I will now write about the Delhi and Mumbai, cities I have some deep relations. What Mymbai is? […]

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Mumbai and PHP development by PHP developers

Mumbai is also getting momentum in web application development specially in PHP. Next week I am going to Mumbai for some personal reasons but have to meet some good people there.. who are working in PHP programming language. I will update the details on my current homepage about that trip.

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Professionally I am a programmer and do full time programming, I have moved my programming related stuff to my other homepage Zareef Ahmed , there you will find information about my work and some other things. If you want to contact me , you can visit my contact us page